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We are in the process of redesigning our current website, PCHInet. PCHInet, created over 20 years ago, enabled users in the community to get internet access to practice applications (NoAH, Matrix, Mosaic.), IPF and other performance reports and committee materials. As has been shared in multiple PHS forums, the reporting information and committee materials have already been moved to Lumos. Now, we are in the process of building a new application that will serve as a launch point to the other Partners applications (formerly on PCHINet) that you use for care management, quality programs, referrals and additional population health management tools.

The new site, which we are naming Launch PaD, will have a new design, look and feel. Launch PaD will be used in a similar way as PCHInet and users will be able to access our legacy applications (NoAH, Matrix and Mosaic) easily. Additionally, users will be able to get to the PHM Lookup Tool, Lumos, Physician Search, Partners Telephone Directory and PCOI from this site as well.

What do you need to know about Launch PaD?

    How will I get access to Launch PaD? If you currently have access to PCHInet, your access will be automatically transferred to the Launch PaD. New users will register for access by clicking on My Account.
    Will it be easy to find what I need on the new site? Yes. The site will be very user-friendly and it will be easy to access all of the applications on the Home Page.
    Will the enrollment process change? Yes, but it will be a lot easier. The user will submit the request online and then the information will automatically populate on the Request Form. The user will print this Request Form and have their manager and or physician sign the form.
    What can I expect over the next few weeks? Announcements about the debut of Launch PaD will be shared via email. Users accessing the PCHInet will be redirected to the new Launch PaD site. We will share the URL once we are closer to go-live.
    When is the GO live date? Please be on the look-out for more communications as we target late Spring 2018 to complete the transition to Launch PaD.


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PCHInet is a comprehensive resource center designed to meet the needs of the physicians and staff in the Partners Community Healthcare, Inc (PCHI) network. Harnessing the power of the Internet, PCHInet connects users to improve communication, enhance patient care, and improve physician practice management.

PCHInet's resources are housed in an easy to use browser interface. It is easy to sign up and log on.  All you need is a computer with access to the Internet, then go to

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